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Stepping into a Mexican taqueria

Before I met my husband (founder of the little taquero), I hadn’t tasted proper authentic Mexican food. I blindly believed that the sour cream, melted cheese and soggy vegetable fajitas I had tried at my local pub was what it was all about. Oh how wrong I was… I could hardly believe the difference!…

Discovering Fresh Tortillas in Puerto Escondido

I’d had my first authentic taste of Mexican food on my way down to Puerto and it had blown my mind! The fresh flavours and incredible spices were like nothing I’d ever heard of, let alone seen in the UK. On arrival I wondered where the hell are all the burritos and fajitas but was quickly educated…

Corporate Events, Goodbye Stuffy Boardroom!

Over the years, I have worked for a number of corporate companies and I am very familiar with the dreaded boardroom sandwich display. A platter of staling sarnies sits alongside a handful of crisps as we network with clients over tuna mayo, ham and cheese and, if we are lucky, some coronation chicken.

The rise of the alternative wedding!

Gone are the days of carbon copy weddings where every bride and groom consults the same “how to get married” manual and dutifully ticks off their requirements from a predesigned list. And thank goodness for that! I have been to a number of my friends’ weddings over the last few years…

Nicaragua – why you should go!

…a little beach bar serving cold beers just a few hundred yards away. We sat drinking bottles of Toña looking out at the waves letting the enormity of what had just happened settle in. The date was the 1st of April 2014 – that’s right April Fools’ Day! Thankfully neither of us was aware…

Chilli peppers; Why they’re good for you!

I have always believed it to be the case but I wanted to delve a little deeper and find out if my instinct that chilli peppers (a staple in pretty much everything we conjure up at the little taqueria) are actually good for you or just something I convinced myself of, the more my addiction grew!